Success for the Center for Adrenal Diseases- Research College is funded with 1 Mio. Euro

The new clinician scientist programme was elected in a competition and is now rewarded with a grant of 1 Million Euro for 36 months donated by the “Eva Luise and Horst Köhler Stiftung” and the “Else Kröner Fresenius Stiftung”. Main focus of the competition were “Rare Important Syndromes in Endocrinology (RISE)”

Prof. Dr. Angela Hübner and Prof. Dr. Stefan Bornstein and their teams were leading groups in the competition. Prof. Hübner, chair of Endocrinology and Diabetology in the Department of Paediatrics, announces: “We are very happy to have received the grant for our project. Six Clinician Scientists are supported for three years at our locations in Dresden, Munich and Würzburg”. 

The competition was created for various centers in Germany who focus on the same research topic. The research teams in Dresden and the Clinical Research Center/Transregio 205 (CRC/TRR205) focusing on the topic “The adrenal: central relay in health and disease” were able to convince the judges. 

Young scientists will focus on rare diseases of the hypothalamic- pituitary- adrenal- axis (HPA-axis), which is also called the “stress-axis”. Patients with a dysfunction present with unspecific symptoms, progressing slowly but end with fatal consequences if not diagnosed early enough, resulting in irreversible organ dysfunction and critical metabolic disorder. Thus, the dysfunctional HPA- axis presents to be ideal for young doctors to learn how to interpret complex and unspecific symptoms, to make the right diagnosis and to start the correct treatment.  

“Due to the DFG- funded research project CRC/TRR205 of the university hospitals in Dresden, Munich and Würzbug we have a large and well characterized group of patients at our disposal, as well as biobanks and new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. This offers a perfectly structured and networked research environment in the field of endocrinology for our young scientists” says Prof. Hübner.