14. Adrenal Conference in Leipzig


The 14th Adrenal Conference will take place the upcoming week from 01.-02. of February 2020 in Leipzig.
Many members of the CRC/TRR205 will have the honor to give a talk on their field of research and specialization (see attached program). Among these speakers are Prof. N. Reisch (A04), Prof. S. Hahner (B13), T. Deutschbein, PD Dr. M. Kroiß (B16), Prof. F. Beuschlein (B14), Prof. M. Reincke (B13), Prof. G. Eisenhofer (B12), C. Steenblock (A06), S. Bornstein, Dr. M. Peitzsch (S01), Dr. S. Nölting (Clinician Scientist), Prof. M. Fassnacht (B16), PD Dr. C. Ronchi (C06), L. Landwehr (B16) who improve the level of education of the adrenal gland with their great research work. It is a great honor to have such a high number of highly regarded scientist united in our project.

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The programme: