EndZeit goes virtual

The „EndZeitseminar” took place as a video conference in Munich on July 28th 2020. This way it was accessible to all three locations. Prof. Nicole Reisch talked about ‘In vitro and in vivo models of novel therapeutic approaches in congenital adrenal hyperplasia’.

In the context of these video conferences, members of our project already gave talks in the beginning of this month. Dr. Holger Schneider talked about ‘Endothelial eicosanoids in primary aldosteronism’ on June 16th 2020 and Prof. Marily Theodoropoulou about ‘Signalling network aberrations in corticotroph tumorigenesis and hypercortisolism’ on July 14th2020. In times of the Covid pandemic, these conferences made an interactive exchange of newest research results between all locations possible. They take place once a month.