Barbara Ludwig – Betacell Replacement 2020 and beyond – Online lecture

Professor Barbara Ludwig, PI of project A05, recently held an online lecture about “Betacell Replacement 2020 and beyond” for the IRTG PhDs. The lecture took place in the IRTG-ICSMD online seminar “behind the scenes”. 

The presentation of the paper “behind the scenes” is about how to get the story of the paper published from the first idea up to the acceptance of the paper. The IRTG PIs will share the strategy to the IRTG students about how the paper has been published. This could be presented as a timeline from the first idea, first results, organization of funding, searching for cooperation partners, selection of the journal, how to sell the story/developing a storyline, and especially to the review process/how to convince the reviewers. The stories behind the paper will help students to get familiar with this mostly hidden parts of the publication process.

This online lecture was a collaboration between the IRTG and the CRC/TRR 205. 

This is a picture of Barbara Ludwig, project A05, CRC/TRR 205.
Barbara Ludwig, PI of A05