IFCAH First (DIGITAL) Symposium – 10 years CAH Research Support

When: Monday 14th June 2021, from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm CET

IFCAH is pleased to welcome all patients, patient’s families, researchers and clinicians to share their very last findings on CAH, obtained thanks to 10 years of IFCAH support.

International CAH experts will present their last results issued from their research work and respond to your questions


*             Michel Polak: IFCAH 10 years CAH funding projects

*             Gerard Conway: CAH women fertility and pregnancy (to be confirmed)

*             Hedi Claahsen: CAH men fertility: current insights on TART in male CAH patients

*             Li Chan: Ways of Androgens decrease : ACTH inhibitors

*             Richard Ross: Adrenal glucocorticoid replacement in CAH

*             Leonardo Guasti and Andreas Schedl: Gene and cellular therapy

Participation is free but a registration will be mandatory.