Project S01

Axel Walch and Mirko Peitzsch Project S01
Axel Walch and Mirko Peitzsch

Dr. rer. nat. Mirko Peitzsch

Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden, Technische Universität Dresden


Prof. Dr. Axel Walch

Research Unit Analytical Pathology, Helmholtz Zentrum München



Scientific staff:

Christian Greunke – Postdoc
Na Sun – Postdoc
Paal Wallace – Postdoc


Project Description

Project S01 provides centralized highly sophisticated analytical tools, which are crucial in the context of adrenal research due to the need of accurate measurements of adrenal hormones, such as catecholamine metabolites and steroids. Besides targeted quantitative liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) based methodologies, further screening platforms using high-resolution mass spectrometry, such as MALDI-mass spectrometry imaging in the context of tissue-based research, for biomarker discovery etc., are available. All those mass spectrometry based methodologies provide a powerful tool to uncover changes in metabolism associated with adrenal diseases.


Analytical platform – Specific Aims

(I) Identifcation of potential biomarkers and investigation of tumour heterogeneity by MALDI-Mass Spectrometry Imaging. Validation of potential clinically relevant biomarkers in liquid biopsies by LC-MS/MS.

(II) Improvement and development of new methodologies for quantitative LC-MS/MS based analysis.

(III) Transfer technologies to other institutions and translation of precise and accurate research based analytical tools into routine clinical applications.



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