Project C13

Strength training for the treatment of Cushing’s associated myopathy: a randomized study

Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. med.
Martin Reincke
LMU Klinikum München,
Medical Clinic and Polyclinic IV,

Scientific Staff

Dr. Frederick Vogel – Clin Scientist
Dr. Elisabeth Nowak – Clin Scientist
Dr. Leah Braun – Clin Scientist
Stephanie Zopp – TA

Project Description

Endogenous Cushing’s Syndrome is a rare disease with severe comorbidities, such as Cushing’s associated myopathy. This is often persistent in patients with Cushing’s Syndrome despite successful therapy, which has an Impact on the Quality of life in the affected patients. The aim of this randomized, interventional study is to better understand Cushing’s associated myopathy and the effects of physical Training on muscle function in this context. The overall aim of this study is the elucidation of the mechanism underlying hypercortisolism associated myopathy. To this end, the project addresses two distinct hypotheses: (i) that endogenous hypercortisolism impairs muscular function by multiple synergistic systemic and local mechanisms including protein catabolism, insulin resistance, sarcopenic obesity and fatty muscle degeneration, intramuscular inflammation and inactivity leading to adverse short- and long-term consequences for muscular health; (ii) that correction of hypercortisolism by curative surgery is able to (partially) restore muscular function if combined with a high intensity muscular training intervention.


(I) Recruitment of patients, including from other endocrinology centers

(II) Data processing and analysis

(III) Scientific exchange, exchange of patient samples and methodologies for processing muscle biopsies and other bio materials from the patients

Publications (CRC/TRR 205 included)