CRC/TRR 205 Adrenal:  Three locations – one mission.

The transregional Collaborative Research Center on the Adrenal (CRC/TRR 205) joins institutes of three cities: Dresden, Munich und Würzburg.
 The participants of the CRC/TRR are leading, internationally recognised researchers with complementary expertise. They are covering numerous disciplines from basic to translational and clinical research pertinent to the adrenal gland and its neuro-immune-endocrine regulation.

At all our studycentres the investigators have clinical expertise with specialised patient cohorts and a strong history of close collaborative work. Working together, the three centres have established one of the largest combined adrenal biobanks in the world. This is providing a valuable resource for developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for adrenal diseases.

Investigators at our three centres have state-of-the-art analytical platforms and a unique array of cell lines, co-culture systems, and chip-based technologies at their disposal. 
The bedside-to-bench approach is complemented by excellent basic research tools, such as genetically modified murine lines and specific preclinical disease models, allowing for characterisation of novel disease pathways and the exploration of the cellular and molecular mechanisms behind.
Sharing of available and new tools along with bio-samples and data via the proposed CRC/TRR will enable our researchers to investigate the fundamental role of the gland in primary disorders of adrenal function, including adrenal tumours and systemic diseases involving adrenal dysfunction and define the critical role of the adrenal stress system in common metabolic and inflammatory disorders.

The expertise of basic and clinical investigators within the consortium provides ideal synergistic partnerships for innovative approaches to fully develop the unique potential of translational research on the adrenal gland and its wider impact like the implementation of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for the management of adrenal-related diseases for the benefit of patients and society.

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