Statistic Course “R/SPSS”

12.02. – 14/15.02.2019

A Statistics Workshop about the statistics programs „R“ and „SPSS“ took place at the Technischen Universität Dresden (Technical University of Dresden) on 12.02. – 15.02. It was held by Dipl.-Phys. Manuel Schulze, the IT manager of the TRR 205 project. The participants were not only able to listen to various lectures but also had the opportunity to practice their newly acquired knowledge in exercise hours afterwards. 

Mr. Schulze gave a profound introduction into the statistics programs „R“ and „SPSS“. He talked about importing new data and their correct visualization.  In addition to that he introduced the correct handling of data within these programs to the participants. A specific focus was given to descriptive statistics. 

In the end the participants had the chance to settle their own questions about their statistics work with the expert. 

Participants of the Statistics Workshop