Young Scientist Spring Workshop 2020

10.03. – 13.03.2020 – Marktleugast

Our young scientists were offered the opportunity to take part in the “Young Scientist Spring Workshop” from 10.-13.03.2020. Thirteen German and Chinese scientists from the two centers in Dresden and Munich participated. In the remote countryside of south Germany the young scientists could focus on their current PhD thesis. The workshop was subdivided into two parts. Martina Michalikova ( lead through the first part of the workshop which dealt with writing techniques and the organizational process of writing a thesis. The participants were advised on how to deal with difficulties encountered during the writing process and how to optimize their work. 

In the second part Imke Lode ( presented her skills training about how to deliver academic presentations. After a theoretical introduction by Mrs. Lode, those present were given the chance to deliver a presentation about their research work and receive a feedback afterwards. This enabled the participants to improve their own skills. 

Besides the official part of the retreat, the young scientists could enjoy the nature and learn about the area during an afternoon hike or the group during common meals or game nights in the evening.

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